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Calories Burned Activity Chart

Exercise Burns Calories. Use the handy activity chart below to see how many calories are burned while exercising.

Actively participate in your favorite exercise or sport and calculate the amount of calories that you burn doing the activity. Just like burning petrol in your car, the harder you make your engine work the more calories you will burn.

Calories Burned While Exercising

Participating in your favorite activity or sport burns calories. Just walking burns calories, yet losing weight for some becomes a hard slog because they don't understand what benefit just a bit of exercise will do. Use the calories burned activity chart below to calculate how many calories are burned when exercising in various sports.

When you are exercising, the number of calories you burn depends upon your weight, the activity your are doing and the intensity level you are exercising at. Active people become slim and stay slim, because they know that burning calories allows them to eat a balanced normal diet, while enjoying physical activity.

A person with a higher fitness level will probably exercise at a faster rate and therefore burn more calories than someone who does not work as hard. For example a person will burn more calories walking at 5 miles an hour that a person who walks at 4 miles an hour. So increasing your pace will burn more calories.

Whatever exercise activity you choose, you should aim to do it for at least 30 minutes and it should leave you slightly breathless at completion. Above all you should enjoy the exercise so that you will keep repeating it every day.

Our calories burned while exercising activity chart below is a guide only. The exact amount of how many calories are burned depends on how much you weigh and how fast or hard you exercise. The key is to apply these figures and be consistent in your exercise program.


Activity & Calories Burnt 120 lbs/55kg 140 lbs/64kg 160 lbs/73kg 180 lbs/80kg
Aerobics (per minute) 7.4 8.6 9.8 11.1
Basketball (30 minutes) 225 264 300 339
Cycling (10 mph 30 minutes) 165 192 219 246
Golf (pull clubs 30 minutes) 138 162 186 210
Hiking (30 minutes) 135 156 180 201
Jogging (30 minutes) 279 324 372 417
Skating (ice and roller 30 minutes) 177 207 237 264
(snow and water 30 minutes)
171 198 228 255
(moderate pace 30 minutes)
239 270 309 348
Tennis (30 minutes) 180 207 237 267
Walking (30 minutes 4 mph) 136 159 182 205
Weight Training (30 minutes) 198 228 261 294

An example of what can be achieved is a man weighing around 187 pounds or 85 kilograms should burn about 1200 calories playing 18 holes of golf over 3 hours. This is providing that he is pulling a golf buggy and walking, not using a motorized buggy. Pretty amazing isn't it.

You can see by the Calories Burned While Exercising chart, moderate exercise will burn calories. When you couple that with eating less calories, weight loss is certainly achievable. The great news is, the heavier you are the more calories you will burn while exercising.

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